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    • What is a home and school visitor? A home and school visitor (H&SV) is a member of the supportive personnel team at a local school district in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The H&SV is a certified specialist. As such an H&SV holds a credential that certifies s/he has completed an approved program of study at a college or university that has been granted permission to offer the certificate.
    • What is the role of the home and school visitor? An H&SV performs a variety of tasks that are associated with enforcement of the School Code. Although each school district may define the duties of a particular H&SV differently, most H&SVs are responsible for enforcing attendance policies, overseeing student assitant programs,child eligibility for federally funded programs (e.g., school lunch), or residency requirements. Each district may decide that additional responsibilities should be part of the H&SV position.
    • How is a home and school visitor different from a school social worker? There are similarities in the two roles. Both are trained and become involved in family assessment, intervention with families in distress, court liaison work, participation in judicial processes involving children, and enforcement of school district, state and federal policies. However, the differences are important. School districts are the entities that set parameters for the H&SV's duties and responsibilities. They may in fact involve H&SVs almost exclusively in the enforcement of local and federal policies; whereas, school social workers are likely to be involved in supporting children, families, and home and school relationships. Furthermore, for a school district to qualify for funding under some federal guidelines, the presence of the H&SV is mandatory.
      3.a. What does the 'policing function' of the H&SV mean?School districts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are empowered to enforce many laws, including but not limited to those related to truancy, child labor and neglect and abuse. Many districts delegate their police authority to make arrests to the H&SV. Only an individual certified as an H&SV may make arrests within the policy framework of the school district.
    • Is the role of the home and school visitor the same in each school or district? No. Each school district determines the scope of responsibilities that individual H&SVs will be expected to perform.
    • What are the major responsibilities? These include monitoring and enforcement of a wide array of laws and policies, some of which have been enumerated in question 3. The School Code is the starting point. School districts then decide on the level of intervention.
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