The Student Assistance Program is a way to identify high-risk teenagers who are having school related problems because of drug and alcohol use or who are at risk of suicide and other mental health problems.  It is also a method for intervening and referring these students to the appropriate community services.  It is designed as an intervention and referral program, not a treatment program.


                SAP is a systematic process that makes it possible for school personnel to determine which students are having problems then refer them for help.  The heart of the program is the student assistance team and others who have been trained in this process to work with these students.


                The SAP team at the high school consists of teachers, a guidance counselor, school nurse, and the assistant principal for those students.  In addition, other teachers who have been trained in SAP procedures may be included as the situation warrants.


                Student referrals can come from a variety of sources including self, other students, teachers and support staff, parents and community members.  Referrals can be made by contacting the appropriate SAP team members or by placing the referral in one of the SAP mailboxes located throughout the building. Once the referral is made, team members will send information requests to the teachers of the referred students.  Once these information sheets have been returned, the information will be compiled and a course of action planned.


                Teachers are asked to please be prompt in returning the forms to the team member making the request in order to expedite the process.  Every attempt will be made to keep teachers informed as to the progress of each case, but the confidential nature of SAP information must be a prime consideration in dealing with each student.    

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    Send all completed forms to:

    Muhlenberg High School -Mr. Horst

    Sharp Ave and Francis Street

    Laureldale Pa 19605