• Click on the picture below to explore some of these favorite educational sites.

    ABCYA.com is a fun way for your kindergartener to practice letters and numbers while having fun!


    Starfall provides an opportunity for your learner to practice the skills needed to read, engage in fun stories, and use their knowledge and imagination to complete tasks throughout the site.


    Explore the imaginative, exciting, and fun world of Dr. Seuss. Complete games and activities, explore his books, go on an adventure with your favorite characters, and more!


     Search the internet using a kid-friendly search engine.

    National Geographic Kids is a great way to explore people and animals of the world! Go on a safari adventure, learn more about your favorite animal, or find a place you would like to travel to.


    Play an educational game with help from some of your favorite characters like Arthur, Curious George, Clifford, and more!



    Educational math games to help review a variety of math skills.