• One of my goals as a social studies teacher is to help students make connections between ancient civilizations and our own. Students will be encouraged to research current events and present information on a regular basis. I recommend that students and parents/guardians discuss these current events and share their thoughts. Students may use any source they like including:  print media, websites, broadcast media, news aggregators, or radio media.
    Students will write about the current events they choose in Google Docs and submit them to me on Cavas by the due date.  Current events will be due roughly twice a month but current events may be discussed in class as they occur.
    The format for current event entries should be as follows:
     Step 1- Write the specific source of the information that you have found. For example, CNN news (not just TV) or www.cnn.com (not just Internet)

    Step 2- Write the name or names of the person or people involved in the story.

    Step 3- Write the place where the story occurred.

    Step 4- Write the date when the story occurred. (Date should be within the last 7 days)

    Step 5- Write a summary of the news item.

    Step 6- Write what your reaction was when you read/heard the story.

    Step 7- Which area of civilization does this story pertain to?