• Sight Word List for Kindergarten

    This year in kindergarten your child will be expected to learn 50+ sight words.  They will be presented to your child throughout the year.  Please practice these sight words with your child as they are an important part of the reading curriculum.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!

    The blue words have been introduced.  These are words your child is expected to know at this point in kindergarten.
    I        yes       no        can       the       we      see     went
    a        up       like        at        to        an       and     come
    go       stop     you        it         do       in
    am      on       off        my       play      or       are
    look     with     he        is        little     saw      she     was
    for      have      of      they      said      want      all
    here      me      this      what       her       him       
    help      too      has      where      good      who      does