• Mrs. Vlasak's Class Photo Album


    Firefighter Visit

     The Temple Firefighters came to read the Kindergarten classes a story.

    They returned and brought the fire truck and showed us their turn out gear!


    Fall Nature Walk

    As part of our science program, we took a fall nature walk and observed signs of fall. 

    We are observing a tree outside our playground and making entries in our science notebooks.


    Career Day

    Students dressed up as a career they may want to pursue. 

    We had a visit from Mr. Vlasak.  He talked about how he uses

    math and technology in his career as a sales rep for Sherwin Williams.


    Fall Festival

    Students had fun playing games during our Fall Festival!

    No Place For Hate

    We did an activity to celebrate our names and how they are special!

    Thanksgiving Feast

    Ms. Meyers', Mrs. Harr's and our class

    reannacted the First Thanksgiving. 

    We dressed like the Pilgrims!


    W.O.W. Cape Winners

    Several students have used W.O.W. words

    in their Kidwriting Journals. 

    They are nominated and chosen

    to wear a W.O.W. Cape on W.O.W. Cape Friday!