• 7th Grade FCS Synopsis

    7th Grade Family & Consumer Sciences Synopsis

    Welcome to 8th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences!  The emphasis in 8th grade FCS is Nutrition and Child Development.  For the first 2 weeks of the marking period, we will discuss the developmental areas and stages of child development, and how it relates to child care.  The last 7 weeks we will focus on the essential nutrients and explore current nutrition topics.  The preparation of food will relate to and reinforce the topics discussed in class.  There will be various daily assignments, as well as projects.

    1. Supplies – All students must have a two pocket folder for class. The folder is kept in the classroom in the appropriate file box.  Students must also have pen or pencil and planner every day.
    2. Grading – Grading will consist of assignments, worksheets, food labs, and one or two projects, as well as class participation.
    3. Assignments – Most of the work that we do is completed in class. Students are responsible for keeping all assignments and handouts in their folders.  All paperwork must be made up if a student is absent.
    4. Homework – will consist of occasional assignments and any make-up work.
    5. Food Labs – There will be approximately 1-2 labs per week during the foods and nutrition unit. They will be executed and graded as a group.  They will reinforce the information learned in class.  Absentees need not make up the food lab.
    6. Participation – Students will receive a class participation grade based on preparation and participation in the class.
    7. Discipline – Procedures will follow the school discipline policy. Misconduct during labs will result in the student being sent out of class and a zero for that lab.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mrs. Williams at extension 3158.  Please detach the bottom portion and return it by the due date in order to receive points and participate in food labs.  Thank you and I am looking forward to a pleasurable and successful marking period.

    The following must be returned prior to participating in a food lab.

    I have read and understand the policies and expecations for 8th Grade FCS.


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             Student Name Printed                                       Parent Signature


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             Student Signature                                         Student Food Allergies

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