• AP Government Summer Assignment # 3

    Please type your final essay to this prompt for assignment # 3.
    When James Madison proposed a new constitution, he tried to balance the need for "proper energy" in government with a clear limitation on government power as well.
    A. Identify and discuss two features Madison proposed for keeping any branch of government from becoming too powerful.
    B. Explain how each feature identified in A. balances the need for strong government with a need for limited government.
    C. Identify two features Madison proposed for dividing powers between  national and state government.
    D. Explain how these features balance the need for a strong central government while assuring the states of adequate power.
    5 paragraph essay
    Use the following terms in your essay
    Madisonian design     checks and balances      The Federalist Papers     Amendments 9 & 10
    categorical grants       block grants                   Federalism                      Articles of Confederation 
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