Mrs. Kay E. Adams



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kay E. Adams


AP Government - 12th grade

This specialized one-year course is designed to prepare those students taking the AP exam in United States 
Government and Politics at the student’s expense. Students can anticipate a college level course, with particular emphasis on independent learning. Participants will develop a critical and analytic approach to the study of 
political science. This is an intense course of study that integrates frequent supplemental reading assignments into curriculum that has been devised by the College Board. Although not formally required, it is recommended that students have taken Global Studies prior to registering for this course. Please note that AP Government students will also receive instruction in Economics. Students may choose to take the AP exam at the student’s 
Government/Economics - 12th grade
The ultimate goal of the Economics and Political Science courses is to give students the tools they need to become active, informed, involved, and responsible citizens. Both of these courses integrate the use of technology into the course of study. Using resources from the Internet, CD-ROM programs, computer programs, and simulations, students will participate in active learning strategies, which stress a students centered model of learning. The curriculum in each course will emphasize practical applications of both economic and political information. Each course will stress the roles and responsibilities of citizens. Current issues in each discipline will be examined from many views, and students will be encouraged to propose workable solutions. Responsibilities which accompany freedoms will be examined in each course. Personal economics will include units on money, banking, saving, investing, and credit. In the higher-level course, various economic systems will be examined. Government & Economics is a required course; electives cannot be substituted.
Other Responsibilities:
Social Studies Department Coordinator
Graduation Coordinator