Welcome to the Muhlenberg School District

    Dear Muhlenberg School District Community Members:

    We are excited and energized for the 2023-2024 school year.  As seasons change with time, we also as human beings change with time.  One item for certain is our commitment to provide quality services for our children.  Our high school has been identified as a NICHE standout high school, ranking among the best in the United States of America.  The  U.S. News and World Report ranked and identified our high school as one of the nation's best.  These two distinctions are a result of a districtwide systemic plan (K-12) which has been embraced by our faculty and staff over the past nine years.  

    In April of 2014, after careful research and assimilation of qualitative and quantitative data, we presented a holistic plan, our Blueprint for Success.  This visionary template serves as guidance for creating opportunities for our children.  Since 2014, components of this plan have emerged resulting in programs and activities for our students.  Simply, our Blueprint is our cornerstone and it continues to galvanize our school system with the Muhlenberg School District's Action Plan which was presented publicly in May of 2017.  This concentric and systemic Action Plan  has provided pathways of empowerment and operations for our District enterprise; In April of 2021, we publicly shared our Post Pandemic Action Plan which encompasses three phases to promote and address the critical needs of our students socially and emotionally as we emerge from the pandemic.  Muhlenberg School District embraces the multicultural and diverse needs of our growing community.  Our culture is centered whole-heartedly around a clear and defined mission.  I encourage you to review my message on the Superintendent's link. 

    Each parent, guardian and, especially your children who are our students, are our most valuable resources.  The health and safety of all students and staff is of steadfast importance and ardent focus.  For over thirty-five years, parents and guardians consistently ranked the safety of their children first above all other considerations which includes academics and activities according to national polls and surveys. Please see our Health and Safety Plan for our district.  Our mission is to educationally empower and model humanistic qualities so our children can experience a meaningful and happy life, even with all of life’s obstacles.  

    Please review the Blueprint, the concentric Action Plan and the Post Pandemic Action Plan for continuous improvement. Your contributions towards this journey are certainly welcome.  

    I wish you the very best within the spirit of the Muhlenberg School District.


    Joseph E. Macharola, Ed D.